TLC Training

  • Are you looking for a new income or to boost existing sales?
  • Would you like to be one of the very first Therapeutic Laughter Coaches in the UK?
  • Do you want to develop your skills, add more depth and grow your experience as a therapeutic laughter practitioner?
  • Do you want to take your career or business to the next level?
  • Are you looking for a wonderful weekend of fun and learning with other good people?

Then TLC Training is for you.

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Title:     Therapeutic Laughter Coach (TLC) Training.
Date:     TBC.
Venue: TBC.
Course fee:       

– £349.00 (Early Bird).
– £399.00 (Full rate).
– Please note that the course fee includes your accommodation and all meals and drinks.
– All meals will be vegetarian and consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two tea/coffee/snack breaks per day. A light supper is available upon arrival.
– Training, certification and membership of the TLC Network is also included in the course fee.
– Arrival time is from 5pm on Friday.
– Departure time is 5pm on Sunday.

– 10% discount to past LYUK members.

Therapeutic Laughter Coach Training
Our very special two-day TLC training course is totally unique and the first of its kind in the UK. It has been specifically designed to support you in your development and work as a health and wellbeing professional and is the next stage for anyone who wants to improve and grow their practice.

‘If love is the answer and laughter is the key,
what the world needs now is more TLC.’ 
~ Wes Floyd (Creator of TLC Training)

After many years’ of experience in delivering our workshops professionally we have found that sensitivity, flexibility and a comprehensive tool kit are crucial to being an effective and successful laughter coach. Not all groups are the same and a wide range of skills, techniques and intuitive understanding must be developed in order to appeal and be effective to a wide audience that includes community groups, health care organisations, care homes, hospices and businesses of all sizes.

By building upon the principles of Laughter Yoga, TLC provides even more of the skills, experience and support you need to successfully help others and get paid for it, in a way that is accessible, sustainable and highly effective.

Throughout the course you’ll learn, practice and discuss the subtle, yet powerful, 9 step TLC framework that includes intention setting, breathing, mindfulness, sound, laughter and meditation and helps people to relax, connect, build resilience and shift into a more positive state of being. TLC is a vital transition for anyone who is serious about improving care, reducing business costs and improving personal and professional performance.

The TLC workshop delivery method has been specifically created to be a highly flexible technique and similarly, the TLC training is a co-created and collaborative learning experience for all to participate in, practice and enjoy.

Over the two days, we will follow the curriculum to fully embed the 9 step framework whilst also engaging in peer-led activities, knowledge sharing and discussion groups so that you can gain and grow from all of our individual and collective experiences in the field. This unique and supportive learning experience builds a long-term support structure and ensures that the course material remains fresh, interesting and relevant to an increasingly sophisticated market.

TLC training is an advanced course for self-discovery and deeper learning into the art and science of using breathing, laughter and meditation as a practice for achieving sustainable happiness and health.

This course will help you to flourish in your practise with new found energy, confidence in your own skills and abilities and provide a long-term support network of TLC professionals to help you thrive. The most important thing is to have trust, let go and allow your true, authentic self to shine.

About Your Tutor
As a Laughter Yoga Teacher and Laughter Ambassador, Wes has become well known for helping individuals and organisations to reconnect with their joy, align with their true purpose and achieve their full potential. Over the years Wes has helped 1,000’s of people and seen some incredible results by using the TLC method.

As the founder of Applied Wellness and Creator of TLC Training you can be assured of receiving the full depth of his experience that includes many insights into the incredible power of breathing, mindfulness, laughter and meditation.

Wes is an accomplished group leader with a First Class honours degree in Business, a Professional Diploma in Management, is part way through and MBA and working towards a Masters in Sustainable Leadership Development. Read more…

– “A slick professional. The true art of making learning fun and effective.” ~ Geof, Oswestry
– “Wes is blessing this world with laughter. Wow! What an amazing teacher.” ~ Dawn, Congleton
– “Such beautiful energy. The positivity I’ve felt has been amazing.” ~ Lionel, Congleton
– “Simply a great teacher. Highly recommended.“ ~ Suryah, Manchester
– “Wes held our attention and created a positive and supportive atmosphere throughout the whole weekend. He has an inclusive style which is very respectful and tailored to the needs of the group. Amazing teacher.“ ~ Rachel, Leeds

Course Content
Over the two-day (weekend) training you will:

  • Develop your understanding and experience of Therapeutic Laughter.
  • Learn about the history of Therapeutic Laughter.
  • Learn how to run a TLC session.
  • Understand the therapeutic benefits of breathing, laughter and meditation.
  • Improve your business with the addition of the 9 step TLC framework.
  • Join the TLC network.
  • Learn how to run your own courses as a TLC Trainer.

Course Materials
As part of the training you will receive:

  • TLC Training Manual.
  • Therapeutic Laughter Coach Certificate.
  • Membership of the TLC network.
  • Official use of the TLC logo.
  • Additional information including meditations, forms and research documents.
  • Free on-going support and mentoring.
  • Upon successful completion of the training you will be able to call yourself a Therapeutic Laughter Coach, get insurance and start practising.

“We change the world by changing ourselves.” ~ Wes Floyd

Venue Details

Course Dates
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