Just some of the amazing feedback we have received over the years:

  • “Thank you so much for leading a great group here yesterday. All of the members have expressed how much they enjoyed it. Some in particular took something special from the group and I do believe will be laughing more! I’ll certainly be in touch later in the year to repeat the session.”
    Victoria Hughes ~ Qube, Oswestry Community Action.
  • “I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU. It was a very enjoyable experience and the feedback from clients has been fantastic.”
    R. Stoneman ~ Criminal Justice Mental Health Practitioner.
  • “The ability to gently slow things down and, most importantly, to connect with another human being was what made all the difference. So thank you, thank you, thank you.”
  • “Wes put a great deal of effort, energy, enthusiasm, expertise, encouragement and emotional intelligence into nurturing budding Laughter Yoga Leaders in a mere two days!
    Very Good, Very Good, Yay!”
  • “An incredibly well presented course that is brilliant for stepping outside one’s comfort zone and connecting to deeper creativity and playfulness – getting the brain out of the way!”
  • “Thank you so much. This is absolutely what I needed in my life right now.”
  • “Wes created a friendly, relaxed and fun environment. Very approachable and informative. It worked really well and I felt very cared for.”
  • “It was a great two days, full of energy, learning and laughter. I enjoyed the group and the connections made. I was taken out of my comfort zone and survived!”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the execution/delivery by Wes was excellent. The group gelled well due to relaxed approach. The venue was perfect and great idea to all food share. The course was great fun and I would feel confident to run sessions straight away.”
  • “Great reminder by direct experience of the many benefits of laughter. Both the history section and the comments of the trainer were inspirational in motivating me to pursue happiness based activities for other people.”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed the course, it’s very well presented and fun to do. The information’s very good and the atmosphere very relaxing. We were really made to feel at ease and given plenty of time to learn the material. It was fun working in groups to present the the Laughter Yoga Session. It’s really been fun”
  • “You are fantastic at what you do. Keep up the amazing work x”
  • “Hello Wes, I really enjoyed​ your visit to Ludlow and I am laughing this morning!”
    Bettine ~ Shropshire Sight and Hearing Loss Support Group.
  • “Wes gave everything he had to make the weekend both educational and enjoyable and I was nothing but impressed by both his knowledge and passion of the subject of Laughter Yoga.”
  • “You are FAB! Nothing would improve the course for me. 10/10!”
  • “Your mission is so important”
    Patch Adams ~ MD.
  • “The session went very well.  The group all felt very uplifted and left with a spring in their step.”
    Susann Mitchell ~ Shropshire Rural Communities Charity.
  • “Wes is blessing this world with laughter. Wow! What an amazing teacher. He freaking rocks. This is seriously brilliant. We’re starting a laughter epidemic and there is going to be a revolution. Heheheh.”
    Dawn Cox ~ MBE.
  • “Such beautiful energy. The positivity I’ve felt has been amazing. As a teacher I think Wes was a whiz with a wildly willful witty way which warrants warm wishes. Truly inspired. This is great work and we hope we can use it in many forms going forward.”
  • “I laughed out loud and learnt so much about the power of Laughter Yoga to develop true inner Joy. Thank you Wes for a brilliant course. You’re a great Laughter Yoga Teacher. Highly recommend.”
  • “Wes has an excellent infectious enthusiasm and joviality. A great balance of serious respect for the work and jovial reverence for the spirit of it. Hahaha.”
  • “Wes held our attention and created a positive and supportive atmosphere throughout the whole weekend. He has an inclusive style which is very respectful and tailored to the needs of the group. He paced the exercises perfectly, allowing us all time to practice and ask questions, and was just such a good role model. Thanks for looking after us and creating such a fun learning environment. Amazing teacher, beautiful people, gorgeous venue.“