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Mind Body Spirit Birmingham 2016 4th October

The whole healthy body healthy mind mantra is on overdrive here at Laughter Time HQ.

As well as boosting our endorphins and immune system on last weekends Laughter Yoga Leader Training course in Cheshire, we’ve also been charging our bodies with as many organic vegetarian superfoods as we can.

When laughter, relaxation and mindfulness are combined it often follows that awareness is placed on the quality of the rest of our lives. Our lifestyle, our food and our relationships all come into focus as we become aware of how everything is connected .

Whilst laughter cannot directly help you with the quality of your diet (perhaps look to a company like www.suma.co.uk for that kind of guidance :-)), it is proven that the quality of our lives is dependent upon the quality of our relationships….. and that’s where laughter can really come into it’s own.

We instinctively know that laughter is good for us and now’s your chance to come along and experience the very real benefits and insights of treating laughter as an exercise and daily routine to stave off depression, lower blood pressure, improve immunity and increase resistance to glum people 😉

We’re getting super excited about MBS Birmingham on the 4th of November!

We’re on the Main Stage at 11:00,
in the Wellbeing Studio at 12:00
and in the Ceremony Space at 14:30.

Come and join us and experience the full power of Laughter and lots, lots more.


To add more juicy laughter related tidbits to your daily diet, be sure to check us out at MBS on Friday 4th November in Birmingham NEC.

We are changing the world one chuckle and one chickpea at a time 🙂

Mind Body Spirit Festival
Join us for 3 full days of festival shenanigans

Mind Body Spirit Birmingham Festival – Birmingham NEC – 4 to 6 November, 2016

The Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival at the iconic Birmingham NEC

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